Thursday, February 15, 2018

Tips for Tangling Funsin

Our challenge this week includes the tangle Funsin by Yu Ru Chen. (Click here for all of the delightful details for IAST #230.)

My first attempts with this pattern were a bit wobbly, so I spent time getting to know the tangle, determined to find a way to draw it with ease. 
The result is a slight change to the original step out published on TanglePatterns, but I am confident that this small adjustment will make a big difference. 

By beginning with a lightly penciled mid line, Funsin flows with ease along any string line or border.  This step also eliminates the need to plan or measure -  things that typically chip away at the relaxing nature of tangling.

That thought leads me to the next tip that I developed after my first attempt at creating a border with Funsin.  I looked at Yu Ru Chen's border example and thought, "I can do that!"
Well, as you will see below, I tried to do it.

The lines didn't quite meet up the way I intended and the spacing didn't leave much room for the aura.
This particular "creative opportunity" lead me to develop the mid line approach to the tangle explained above.

Below are my Tips for creating a border like Yu Ru Chen illustrated on her lovely tile ~

I used the penciled mid line on my second attempt ~

Notice that I only added aura to the inside of the tangle.  It was just a personal preference once I added red to the hearts.  The inside aura created a natural space to fill and I added Florz.

The tangle itself is very pretty and I do hope you find these tips helpful as you create beautiful tiles with it.


Wednesday, February 14, 2018

"It's a String Thing" #229 Tiles

Happy Wednesday!

Happy St. Valentine's Day! 

These tiles are sure to fill your heart with love and joy. 
As an added treat, in a random drawing, one lucky tangler will win a copy of "Love Shackz", my newest eBook written with Dorian Eng, CZT.
The winner will be announced at the end of the post.

Let's take a look ~

The first tile arrived from Ulrike D. (Germany) ~
What a beautiful string and tangles
for Valentine´s Day! I had a lot fun.
Thanks for this challenge, Adele.
 Tangled Tidbits -
*Tipple bubbles over deep, dark background
*one large Olluan softly shaded

From Jane Rhea (Indiana) ~
This was such a fun challenge! Oscar Hammerstein said, “The love in your heart isn’t put there to stay. Love isn’t love ‘til you give it away.” Thank you, Adele, for sharing your love of tangling week after week, and for giving a part of that love to all of us!
 Tangled Tidbits -
Thank you for those sweet words, Jane - and I love that saying.
*Tipple filled Olluan - notice how the orbs move from small to large to small and the shading accents them
*Caught hearts shaded on all sides

From Gabriela Garcia (Alberta, Canada) and here on her blog ~
Hello everyone, I am so glad to be back. I have missed several challenges, I was busy with many things, one of them adding my other blog into my CraftyGirl’s website…but finally I had some peace and time to draw. When I saw Adele’s string and the pattern “Tipple”, I thought of drawing something along the lines of “Abundies” one of my favorite tangles. Almost as if the heart just opened letting little seeds of love, joy and hope to come out. So I leave you with that idea…May your heart be full of seeds of joy, hope and love and may you spread them all around you…and of course, May you receive these seeds from others as well…Many Blessings, Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!
 Tangled Tidbits -
That is so sweet!
*floating pretty pearls of Tipple
*blossoming Olluan corners

From Lisette (Switzerland) ~
As I know Tina Hunziker personally it was really a pleasure for me to draw Olluan (pattern by Tina). I added some Tamisolo (by Hanny Waldburger). These two tangles match so well. Thank you, Adele, for this new challenge.
 Tangled Tidbits -
Please tell Tina thank you and that we all enjoy her tangle :)
*beautiful Caught border and inside embellishment of Olluan
*heart tipped curls of Olluan

From Lily (Hungary) ~
Here is my response for your weekly challenge.
Happy Valentine's Day!
 Tangled Tidbits -
*lovely aura and added dots for Caught
*Tipple, white on black, shading - so many beautiful touches

From Shirley Wohlsen (Queensland, Australia) ~
Attached is my Tile for ‘It’s A String Thing #229’ challenge.
Fabulous tangles.
Happy Valentine Day! Everyone.
 Tangled Tidbits -
* Tipple accentuates Olluan and the string
*Olluan shines with curved aura and shading

From Ria Matheussen, CZT (Belgium) ~
This time, I decided to create a few "stacked" tiles. I started to draw the lovely heartstring on a small grey tile and glued it on a bigger black one, followed by a grey and finished with another black one.
I enjoyed this "Valentinechallenge" very much and wish you a wonderful day on the 14 th.
Thank you for all your efforts and I send you warm regards from Belgium
 Tangled Tidbits -
*beautiful composition and layering of paper
*colorful, highlighted heart and sweet tangle accents

From Hilary (Chicago) ~
Greetings from snowy Chicago and Happy Valentine's Day!
Here's this week's endeavor. I used pre-colored paper and for the border I used a variation. I wanted it to be a combination of Caught and Olluan.
 Tangled Tidbits -
*Olluan tucked into Caught - how fun!
*glowing highlighted Tipple

From VenaC (Whitby, Ontario, Canada) ~
Winter wonderland again and more snow in the forecast. I just had to have some colour in my tile. Valentine's and Easter goodies are appearing in the shops and even gardening things! Last week the groundhog said six weeks 'til spring so now it is five. Can't wait. I wish everybody lots of flowers and chocolates for Valentine's Day and, of course, lots of fun.
 Tangled Tidbits -
Stay warm while you wait!
*light, dark, and pink Tipple
*elegant curls and soft shading abound

From Lin H. (Florida) ~
Happy Valentine’s Day, Adele! Thanks for your challenge with Olluan. I love the heart tangle patterns this time of year.
 Tangled Tidbits -
*pink accented Caught shaded along the string line
*sparkle and stripes for Olluan

From Susie (St. Louis, Missouri) ~
Happy Valentines Day to you sweet tanglers all over the world. ✌️♥️

Tangled Tidbits - 
*background filled with Tipple
*red shading for Caught and the string line

From Susan Theron (Velddrif, South Africa) ~
Tangled Tidbits -
*Olluan cluster layered atop the tangles
*colorfully accented Caught

From Mariam G. (Port Hueneme, California) ~
First, I want to offer a big ‘Thank you’ to both you and Dorian Eng for creating the 'Love Shackz' e-book. What a great idea, not only for Valentine’s Day, but also anytime for you want to show someone 'the love'. (One of these darling little houses would be a fun addition to celebrate my parents’ upcoming 76th anniversary, don’t you agree? J)

And the challenge for this week goes hand in hand with that thought. The string is perfect and I loved working on this tile. Cannot wait to see all the beautiful entries!
Have a wonderful weekend!
 Tangled Tidbits -
Thank you for the kind compliments on our eBook.  Most of all, hearty congratulations to your parents, what a blessing to share married life for so many years.
*striking light and dark contrasts
*pops of sparkling red, shading, and highlights - wonderful details

From Donna Matoi (Long Beach, California) ~
Here is my tile for this week's challenge IAST #229. I was just learning this pattern a few days before your post! I love the pattern! I just love hearts in general! Well, I had a hard time figuring out what to do, but, once I got started, the zen flowed! I appreciate your tip sheet on how to draw "caught", that helped!
I enjoyed looking at all of last weeks tiles! It is just amazing what happens with a pattern! I also wanted to let you know that I purchased your Love Shackz ebook! OMG, I thought the Christmas book was wonderful, but this is like icing on top of the cake! You and Dorian did a fantastic job! So much detail and very easy to understand directions! Thank you for the wonderful material! I can't wait to see what you come up with next!
Have a great week! And thank you for all you do!
 Tangled Tidbits -
Thank you so much for the sweet compliments, Donna.  I am so glad you are enjoying the book.
*doubled string line frames oodles of Olluan
*colorful Caught background

From Laurel Davis, CZT (New York) ~
What a great February challenge! I’ve given myself my own “Valentangle” challenge and have been drawing lots of hearts, so this fit in perfectly. Thanks, Adele.
 Tangled Tidbits -
*lovely layered Olluan along the string line
*pretty variation of Caught - dotted lines, weighted aura, shading...and one red heart
*Tipple shaded 'just so'

A very warm welcome to Lisa (Oklahoma) ~
Here is my tile for Challenge 229. I’ve loved drawing for a long time, but have just recently discovered Zentangle! I was very excited to come across your website!! I added a few extra tangles including shard and luv-a, as well as a few bead strings and fescue.
 Tangled Tidbits -
So glad you found it, too!
*fabulous sense of movement with swirled grid of Caught
*wonderful Luv-a/Olluan combination

Welcome to our Tangled Map and to our IAST community, Lisa.

From Margarete Gilge (Germany) ~
I enjoyed to draw your Valentine challenge. I used your given patterns and my own pattern Herzlich. You can find the instructions for Herzlich on my blog under the link:
Thank you for this wonderful challenge!
Best wishes from Germany and a happy Valentinesday
 Tangled Tidbits -
*Herzlich and Olluan are very complimentary - and beautiful
*straight and fanned grid for Caught

From Jutta Gladnigg, CZT (NRW, Germany) ~
What a great Valentine challenge this time! I wanted to make it 3D. True Love goes deep into one‘s heart...
 Tangled Tidbits -
*aura-ed Olluan filled with Tipple and super shading
*embellished hearts of Caught

From Lynn G (Florida) ~
Thanks for the hearty challenge ❤️
 Tangled Tidbits -
*cute Caught corners
*Olluan accents and lovely white Tipple

From Trudi (Woodview, Ontario, Canada) ~
A fun Challenge Adele :).
Thanks so much for your efforts.
 Tangled Tidbits -
*black and red grids of Caught
*Olluan filled string

From HeidiSue (Salt Lake City, Utah) ~
I sure had fun with this challenge. Fun string and patterns. Thanks for putting it out there 🙂

Tangled Tidbits -
*Caught grid curves with the string curves
*weighted, sparkled lines of Caught

From Ingrid (The Netherlands) ~
Happy Valentine

In the attachment my Valentine tile #229 for this week. Loved to play with colors this time to pimp up my tile.
 Tangled Tidbits -
*Tipple-d (is that a term?!) string lines filled with colorful Caught
*Olluan floats upward

From Susan (United Kingdom) ~
My first attempt at scanning my drawing not taking a wonky photo. Happy Valentines everyone.
 Tangled Tidbits -
*red and black flip flop on pretty Caught variation
*Olluan, Tipple, and heart filled string

From Karen Herstowski (Atlanta, Georgia) ~
Another great combination. A bunch of seasonal fun - love the hearts.
On the center focus large heart I eliminated one of the coils that I just couldn’t get to compliment the design of the other heart “flow”.
Thanks to all who participated in layout of this.
 Tangled Tidbits -
*fabulously filled string - color, shading, sparkle, pizazz!
*curvy grid and roundness of Caught

From Sue Agnew (Tucson, Arizona) ~
This was a fun week! I had guessed that it was going to be "valentine week" and I enjoyed the tangles you chose.
Just last Thursday I went to a demonstration of etegami, which is a Japanese postcard art form, simple and quick. Its motto translates "It’s okay to be awkward. Awkwardness has charm." You use a bamboo brush but dangle it from the end so you CAN'T control it, and the subject matter is simple objects and it often is placed off the edge of the paper. SO I moved the string to the side in an etegami-like way. Also I wanted to use Caught in my "comfort zone" way of putting it in the background (rather than distorting it to fill a string space) and wanted it to show up a little more. I think I've said before that it reminds me of the linoleum pattern at my grandmother's house, so I like to use it. For Olluan, because I know it's your "thing," I drew it in a continuous stroke rather than drawing a heart and going back and putting in the extra spirals. So I never knew exactly how it was going to look (or whether I was going to go the correct direction). I'm glad you pointed out to check out Margaret Bremner's notes on Tipple ... they were thorough and inspiring. I tried a couple of things, filling it with a pattern and the gravity thing. I've always liked puffy heart shapes. Years ago when I worked in a print shop, they needed a heart-shaped die to cut out a heart-shaped menu for a fancy restaurant in San Francisco, so I cut a heart shape and the guys complained that it was too puffy. I'm not sure that hearts CAN be too puffy!
Thanks for another fun week! Happy Valentine's Day!
 Tangled Tidbits -
Ah, Sue, I love to read your descriptions and stories, thank you for your thorough note.
*Caught - neat and even and lightly shaded
*Olluan string line tipped with lovely lanterns - moved slightly to the side (great touch!)

From Sharon Fite (California) ~
Happy St. Valentine's Day to all! I can't say no to a heart string and fun tangles! I added a bit of fringe. This was tangled on Fabriano Medioevalis foldover square cards. Cards fold to 4 3/4" square, and you can get matching envelopes. I ordered mine from Dick Blick. They are a different finish than our tiles, but microns work very well on them. Now, who shall I send it to?
 Tangled Tidbits -
When the words Fabriano and paper are together, I know I have to order some.  Thank you for the tip.
*radiantly trimmed string line
*pretty Caught spiral and puffy Olluan (Sue would like those :)

From Jody Genovese, CZT (New York) ~
Wishing you and all of our fellow tanglers a very Happy Valentine’s Day!

Tangled Tidbits -
*ruby red centers and delightfully detailed spirals of Olluan
*weighted string line curls and wonderful shading

From Dolly Bolen CZT (Morinville, Alberta, Canada) ~
I am happy that I had time to participate in your IAST#229 challenge, love your
challenge for #229! I had not tried the tangles Caught or Olluan before but I thoroughly
enjoyed giving them both a try! I have to admit my tile started to go awry, I didn’t like
the direction it was going at all but true to the Zentangle way, I kept going and my
finished Zendala turned out better than what I ever thought it would be. I gave it a title
“Owl Will Always Love You” because in the end I thought it resembled an Owl, which just appeared in the design, it was not planned at all. Bling is my thing so I dressed up the Owl in sparkles and I added a tangle named Love Script I created last year around this time while doing ValenTangle 2017. Tipple also borders Caught and Love Script. I had so much fun with this after I started to enjoy the process! Sending love to you and all the other tanglers out there this Valentines week! I look forward to all the LOVEly creations from all over the world!
Tangled Tidbits - 
That was a fabulous tribute to tangling - as is your tile.
*Caught grid lines flow with the string lines
*highlights and sparkle

From Pat Kennedy (Washington State) ~
Enjoyed the challenge Adele!
Tangled Tidbits - 
*gorgeous shades of red accent the tangles
*Caught reaches to the edges of the tile making the black diamonds blend into the frame

From Felicity Strohfeldt (Velddrif, South Africa) and here on her blog ~
...This week’s challenge was a beauty. When I saw the string for the first time and the patterns, Olluan, Caught and trusty Tipple teamed up together my version of tile 229 popped into my head as if by magic. This week I can truly say it all just happened when I sat down with my blank tile and pens. A wonderful experience. Thank you for a lovely Valentine’s challenge and also Tina, Christine, Rick and Maria for the, beautiful and harmonious zentangle patterns.
Happy week to all who participate
Tangled Tidbits - 
*delightful dimension achieved with Olluan and shading in the doubled string line
*beautiful field of Caught
Felicity's Olluan pours from the string curl - much like rain would fall from a cloud.  Felicity has written several times about how her homeland is suffering from a terrible drought.  Please keep her and all the people of South Africa in your prayers as they pray for rain.

From Sharyn Penna, CZT (Massachusetts) ~
Cheers to a perfect string to hold orbs ... Tipple is one of my favorite tangles. I got “caught” with the background ... I combined Caught with Olluan and should have left well enough alone ... adding color was that step too far. I broke out of my comfort zone using color ... discovered it just makes this tile too busy ... it distracts and makes the eye work too hard to find a focal point. Can’t wait to see all the prompt interpretations!!
💕 Happy Valentine’s Day 💕one and all!
Tangled Tidbits - 
*fanned grid and weighted lines of Caught - and the color is lovely!
*tremendous Tipple filled string lines complete with shading and sparkle, light and dark
(That is the fifth tile photographed on a Tickled to Tangle frame, thank you all!)

This is my tile ~
After doubling the lines of the Olluan inspired string, I thought it would look intriguing to have the Caught grid curve up and over as it passed the string. After adding the second grid lines to the lower portion, I decided to leave the upper sections a bit lighter to avoid getting too busy. Shading definitely helped.

And now...

the winner of the random drawing for the new eBook, Love Shackz...


Jane Rhea from Indiana.

Congratulations, Jane!   I do hope you enjoy our labor of love.

Have a happy day and remember that everyone is a Valentine on this great day!

Many thanks to the creative minds behind the tangles we used this week ~

Olluan by Tina Hunziker, CZT

Caught by Christine Reyes

Tipple  - by Rick Roberts and Maria Thomas

Thank you all for celebrating this love we share for tangling.

Click here for the details of this week's IAST #230 

and be sure to check back tomorrow for my
Tips for Tangling Funsin.

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

"It's a String Thing" #230

It's Tuesday, your good news day!

IAST #230 is detailed below and the IAST # 229 tiles will be ready for viewing tomorrow,
St. Valentine's Day.  Please forgive my tardiness, but I do have a really good reason for it.

We are just back from a trip to California where our sweet granddaughter, Pauline, celebrated her First Holy Communion.  We had such a wonderful time soaking up the heavenly gift of being grandparents.

And if I may have a grandmotherly moment, I have a little show and tell.

This photograph of Pauline was the inspiration for my tangle Pauline's Pigtail
(click here to view) ~

This past weekend, I put her hair in pigtails again and she struck a similar pose ~

How sweet (and much too grown up) is that?! *sigh*

Speaking of sweet, let's once more use heart inspired tangles for our challenge and
begin with this string ~

IAST String #230 by Adele Bruno, CZT

The tangles we will use include ~

Skelter by Debbie Raaen
Debbie began contributing to IAST at #200 and it is a treat to learn and use a tangle designed by her.

Funsin by Yu Ru Chen
I recently spent a few hours with this pattern and fell in love with it - only after some trial and error.
On Thursday, I will post my Tips for Tangling Funsin in hopes that you will come to love it too.

Knightsbridge by Rick Roberts and Maria Thomas
This classic tangle will add some contrast to the other more curvy tangles.

Feel free to turn the string in any direction that suits your mood and sense for the tangles.
I can just imagine the how beautiful your tiles will be 💗.

Here are the (Not so) Official Guidelines: 
* Challenges are posted on Tuesdays.
*Use the string posted for the week and some or all of the suggested patterns
* Submit a photo of your tile saved as jpg or scan your tile (300 dpi or higher) and save as a jpg
*Email your jpg file as an attachment to -
*Entries for IAST are to be submitted by Saturday evening of the week issued 

*Photos, notes, and the 'Tile for Honors' are (usually) posted on the following Monday 

Send in your photos - you will encourage and inspire fellow Zentangle® enthusiasts all over the world.  WHEN YOU SIGN YOUR NAME, PLEASE INCLUDE WHERE YOU LIVE.  

PLEASE NOTE: It is not necessary for you to have a blog or website to participate. 

If you do have a blog or website, I will add a link upon request. 
Please include the site specific URL. 

I look forward to your emails.

Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Tips for Tangling Caught

Here are a few Tips for Tangling Caught (Christine Reyes), a heart infused grid based pattern. 

The step out is just slightly different that Christine's and my latest class is responsible for the suggestion to add the diamond embellishments before adding the hearts.

This step helps to clarify where the diamonds are placed, which can be a tad confusing after the second grid lines are added.


Wednesday's Words of Wisdom

Life takes you to unexpected places.
Love brings you home.

Tiny Tangled "Love Shackz" by Lin H., CZT (Front)

Tiny Tangled "Love Shackz" by Lin H., CZT (Back)

I found this heartwarming quote and stored it away for Valentine's week.  
Just as I readied it for this post, CZT Lin H., sent an email with a very complimentary review of my new eBook written with Dorian Eng, CZT, along with photos of her very first "Love Shackz". 

Isn't it beautiful?

Thank you, Lin, for the compliments on our book, the permission to include your photos, and for sharing the love!

Tuesday, February 6, 2018

"It's a String Thing" #229

It's Tuesday, your good news day!

It is also the first week of February and St. Valentine's Day is right around the corner, so let's spread some lovin' in our challenge this week.
In researching heart shaped tangles for our newest book, LOVE SHACKZ (Click top right photo for details), several stood out immediately, including Olluan by Tina Hunzicker, CZT.

Our string is one large heart of the pattern ~

IAST #229 String by Adele Bruno, CZT
The tangles we will use include ~

Olluan by Tina Hunziker, CZT
Tina's step out can be found on her blog (click on the name above) and the pattern is also listed
here on TanglePatterns.

Caught by Christine Reyes
What's not to love about a grid based pattern that incorporates hearts?
My post on Thursday will include "Tips for Tangling" this sweet tangle.

Tipple  - one of the early tangles by Rick Roberts and Maria Thomas
When you click the link, be sure to also reference CZT Margaret Bremner's post about Tipple.

I can just imagine the how beautiful your tiles will be 💗.

Here are the (Not so) Official Guidelines: 
* Challenges are posted on Tuesdays.
*Use the string posted for the week and some or all of the suggested patterns
* Submit a photo of your tile saved as jpg or scan your tile (300 dpi or higher) and save as a jpg
*Email your jpg file as an attachment to -
*Entries for IAST are to be submitted by Saturday evening of the week issued 

*Photos, notes, and the 'Tile for Honors' are (usually) posted on the following Monday 

Send in your photos - you will encourage and inspire fellow Zentangle® enthusiasts all over the world.  WHEN YOU SIGN YOUR NAME, PLEASE INCLUDE WHERE YOU LIVE.  

PLEASE NOTE: It is not necessary for you to have a blog or website to participate. 

If you do have a blog or website, I will add a link upon request. 
Please include the site specific URL. 

I look forward to your emails.

Monday, February 5, 2018

"It's a String Thing" #228 Tiles

What a blast this challenge was!  We used Paradox (Rick Roberts) along with Carole Ohl's new Bumpadox - two similar tangles that created endless fun.

Because the tangles were so alike, I opted not to include the usual "Tangled Tidbits".
Please enjoy all these beautiful tiles and happy notes.  Let's take a look ~

The first tile arrived from Joan Delony, CZT (Florida) ~
Fun tangle...bumpadox.

From Dani (Semarang, Indonesia) and here on her blog ~
Here's my tile for this challenge. Paradox, one of my favorite tangle pattern. Thank you Adele.

From Lily (Hungary) ~
here is my tile for your weekly challenge. Zenhug:

A very warm welcome to Christie King (Kansas) ~
It’s been awhile since I’ve participated in a challenge. When I saw that paradox and bumpadox were the featured tangles, I knew I had to join in! Paradox is an all time favorite of mine and it was one of the first tangles I saw that introduced me to Zentangle.
Thank you for all that you do with these challenges.
Welcome to the IAST community, Christie, and welcome to our Tangled Map ~

From Mariam G (Port Hueneme, California) ~
What a fun challenge - thank you! Both patterns seemed to decide on their own where to jump in and I liked the results. Combining the two created a 3-D effect that surprised me! No real 'up' or 'down' to this tile, for sure. And thanks to Carol Ohl for her creation of 'Bumpadox'.
(in a nod to 'Groundhog Day' the movie, I think I'll do a second pass on this challenge tomorrow (-: )

From Hilary (Chicago) ~
Another couple of really cold days, so I had time for two versions of this. With the first one I decided that if one bump is good, two or three would be better. I also went with dramatic shading. For the second one, I went with a lot of color, colored paper and about eight different colored pens. How do you like my neon pink?
Every week I find myself doing something that is always a bit of a stretch for me. Thank you for that!

From Donna Matoi (Long Beach, California) ~
Your Heart Home is just so sweet and adorable! I know it is filled with love!
Here is my tile for this week! Bumpadox and Paradox! This was another fun challenge!
I loved seeing all of last weeks tiles too! So many different takes! I just love it!
Thank you for all you do to do this, it is greatly appreciated!
Have a great week and I look forward to the next IAST!

From Shirley Wohlsen (Queensland, Australia) ~
Attached is my Tile for - It’s A String Thing # 228 Challenge.
Loved the new tangle ‘ bumpdox’ lots of fun.
Also loved your new house Adele, a real cutie.

From Lisette (Switzerland) ~
Here my entry to IAST #228. I found Bumpadox quite difficult, but I like the outcome. I really followed the string, but it's not visible anymore. Paradox is one of my favourites. It's my remedy for heartaches. I remember drawing it a whole Sunday afternoon through, one Paradox to the next, to the next, to the next.... and it calmed the thoughts, soothed the pain and gave me comfort.
Thank you for this challenge, Adele
and a big Zen hug

From VenaC (Whitby, Ontario, Canada) ~
This ended up being a bit haphazard. I wasn't sure where I was going from one triangle to the next and from one sort of square to the next. I just kept going. I am not too fond of bumpadox. It looks a bit untidy. Once I had finished, I thought it looked like a lot of shells so I added a bit of colour. On the whole, I had a lot of fun. Thanks for that.

From Jody Genovese, CZT (New York) ~
Hope this finds you well on this SuperBowl Weekend. Personally I don’t participate, gives me time to draw!
This was a fun challenge. I bet you get tons of tiles!
Until next week..wishing you the best.

From Priscilla DeConti, CZT (Kingston, New York) ~
Loved the challenge...

From Ulrike (Gemany) ~
Here is my tile for IAST #228. It looks simple, but it wasn´t easy to do - for me. I´ve needed some tries, and this is my result.
Many greetings from Germany.

From Lin H, CZT (Florida) ~
What a fun tangle, Bumpadox! Love the lines and shading. Thanks for the challenge, Adele.

From Pat (Washington State) ~
Paradox has always been one of my favorites. Thanks for a great challenge!

From Margarete Gilge (Germany) and here on her blog ~
this weeks challenge was a great challenge for me. I often use Paradox in many ways. Bumpadox is an interesting variation of the original. But the combination of these two patterns is not so easy as it looked. I draw three versions. I choose the blue one for you. The others could be found on my blog under the link . I'm curious how others edit the topic.
Thank you for this interesting challenge!

From Susan (United Kingdom) ~
Here is my Bumpy paradox with a little corner with a variation that I think looks like wood.

From Verena (Germany) ~

From Karin (Germany) ~
this is my entry to challenge no. 228.
I now feel quite hypnotized

From Trudi (Woodview, Ontario, Canada) ~
Lovely houses Adele! Sure glad January is over. Wasn't especially fond of Bumpadox but I tried.

From Ingrid (The Netherlands) ~
Very nice to play with this new tangle. Very interesting the outcome.
Thank you, Adele, for this interesting challenge.

From Sharon Fite (California) ~
This challenge is so much fun! I love the idea of Bumpadox so much I have to submit two tiles. I like Paradox and use it, but it's not one of my go-to tangles. Maybe just a little too linear for me? As soon as I saw Carole Ohl's step-outs for the variation, I knew it was for me. Looking at her "bumps," I thought they cried out for orbs in the center. So the first tile is from my sketchbook, where I sprinkled the orbs randomly in the triangles and then began the Paradox lines. As Bumpadox developed, it reminded me of Arukas, because I'm never really sure where that design is going to end up either. The second tile is a larger 6"x6" format. The string is in there somewhere, I promise. I randomly placed the orbs again and deliberately added some centered on the line forming the triangles where the fan shape would emerge. I also worked in a trio of partial Arukas. Such a calming, happy experience in an otherwise aggravating week. That is probably Zentangle's greatest gift...moments of tranquility. Thanks, Adele!

From Marjan Heemskerk (The Netherlands) ~
It was magic. You start drawing a string very carefully and when you are finished the string has disappeared completely.
I enjoyed the "Bumpy" ride :)

A very warm welcome to Anselm Peter (Berlin, Germany) - blog Link  ~
here is my tile for your "It's a string thing #228". Such a nice challenge, so less time to tangle :-)
 Welcome to our IAST community and welcome to our Tangled Map, Anselm ~

From Susie (St. Louis, Missouri) ~

From Karen Herstowski (Atlanta, Georgia) ~
Paradox and Bumpadox made for a challenging combo. I kept wanting to add some circles but chose instead to keep the linear look. Emphasis is given to the “bump” because it is the only round shape plus I put some extra weight on the bumps to call still more attention to them. Amazing opportunity to use shading techniques which took almost as long as the tangle itself. How much fun was this one???
Thanks to Rick and Carole for two wonderful tangles and to Adele, who is such a prolific tangler and endless source of “string” design!!

From Sue Leslie (Vadito, New Mexico) ~
My first Zentangle after getting cataract surgery in both eyes. Last eye done yesterday, and was able to do this today!! Oh what a difference in my vision. Thanks for the challenges and know I will be able to enjoy them more now that I can see better. This was a fun one as paradox has always been on of my favorite tangles. And adding bumpadox to it was fun.

From Jutta Gladnigg, CZT (Germany) ~
Thank you, Adele, for this cool challenge. I especially loved the string this time. So fitting! I even drew 3 tiles... This one is being done with a fountain pen for a change... filled with green ink. Fun bumpadoxing...
Your new ebook is fantastic! So many great ideas! What an amount of work and love you have put into it!!! I can recommend it to any tangler who wants to do something very, very special.

From Aileen (Singapore) ~
Thanks for another great challenge! Had to resist the urge to do a completely geometric tile!
Rainbows and raindrops in sunny Singapore

From Susan Theron (Velddrif, South Africa) ~

From Sharyn Penna, CZT (Massachusetts) ~
Cheers for such a great prompt! Paradox never gets tired. Bumpadox promises so many “what if” moments ... one, two, or three sided bumps; multiple bumps per side; bumps from the exterior rather than interior; various locations on the line to place the first bump; the orientation of each Bumpadox fragment; combining Bumpadox with rounding, triangling, Paradox Tunnel, various other techniques. The mind boggles!
Cheers to Rick for sharing Paradox and to Carole Ohl for sharing Bumpadox and all its possibilities.

From Lynn G (Florida) ~
It was such a fun challenge.

From Felicity Strohfeldt (South Africa) and here on her blog ~
...Rather hasty attempt but Bumpadox will become part of my favourites in the future. Thank you to Carol and Rick.

This is my tile ~
I added rounded edges and then began adding perfs to a few Bumpadox lines until I realized the ones I chose ran similar to the string lines - a happy coincidence. This was a dizzying delight to tangle.

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the tile for honors this week...

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Lovelygiraffe from Japan ~

I have a little something coming in the mail for you.

Many thanks to Rick Roberts and Carol Ohl whose Paradox  and Bumpadox we have thoroughly enjoyed.

Thank you all for sending in your beautiful tiles.

As CZT Jutta Galdnigg noted above, our new eBook is full of ideas and lots of love.  
Click on the photo (very top right) for more information.  Thank you 💗

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